Material Development Services

Coulometrics provides complete materials development services inlcuding material synthesis at lab and pilot scale production levels, materail analysis, half-cell testing, and full production electrode testing. We can ensure the materials you are developing meet the stringent performance and manufacturabilty requirements of battery manufacturers.

Battery Assembly and Testing

Coulometrics provides cyclindrical and pouch cell assembly and testing services. Testing materails or developing prototype battery products requires state-of-the-art battery assembly capabilities and expertise. Coulometrics engineers and scientist have over 50 years of combine cell assembly and testing experience to exceed your expections with LIB development.

Toll Coating and Battery Mfg.

Coulometrics offers production coating services on any of our 4 coating lines and can work to scale-up the process you use for producting high-quality battery or supercapacitor electrodes. Beginning in 2022, Coulometrics will also offer full production battery manufacturing capabilities up to 100,000 cyclindrical cells per month in any of the 14500, 18650, 21700, or 26650 formats.

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