Toll Coating


Coulometrics’ toll coating and converting line is fully operational and available to support all of your mixing, coating, calendaring & slitting needs.  We’re actively taking reservations for coating trials, and would love to discuss how we can help you move your technology forward, from helping you develop new materials, formulations & processes, to taking care of all your battery or capacitor electrode production.

Toll Coating

We offer the use of all of our equipment, expertise and personnel for daily fixed rates, and we’re always willing to work to accommodate your specific needs.


We can help you develop and fully commercialize your battery or capacitor technology using our equipment. We’re happy to help you develop your entire front-end process, from mixing to coating to completed electrodes. We’ve qualified our equipment for small scale production so we can conserve materials while developing your process, but we also have the capacity to move to much larger production runs once the process is qualified.

Production Coating

Our coating line was designed by Frontier, and used at Energizer with the aim of reducing scrap, minimizing labor and maximizing throughput while maintaining exceptional quality. Things like automatic splicing and dual coating heads, along with our minimal overhead business model, ensure that we can be extremely economical and also have the capacity to keep up with your growing company’s electrode production needs.


We have mixing capabilities from 5g to 60L, including dual planetary mixers with high speed dispersion capability along with full vacuum and temperature control
Our 2008 Frontier Coating System has everything you could ask in a coater in terms of speed, quality and economy. Here’s a partial list of it’s capabilities:

  • 700mm coating width
  • up to 25m/min coating speed
  • available simultaneous dual sided coating
  • custom patterns / stripe coating
  • custom drying profile
    • Four oven zones
    • Independent temperature and airflow control
    • Air knives for optimized drying
    • Floating web
We have an IMC calender with 30″ rolls to ensure that minimal shear stress and maximum compression to compress your coatings to optimal density every time without distortion or nonuniform density gradients
Slitting is the final step in electrode preparation before finishing the battery / capacitor assembly. We can provide your electrodes slit to your desired dimensions, completely ready for winding, stacking or whatever the next step in your finishing process may be.