Materials Development

We can help you get your new material or device into customers' hands, no matter what stage of development you are at.  Below are some examples of areas we're well versed in, but feel free to call us anytime to talk about your specific demand.

Independent testing to compare with industry standards

We build coin cells or pouch cells with your materials.  We've developed a pouch cell platform that replicates commercial device performance.  We then measure myriad parameters so you can see how your materials stacks up against competitors / state-of-the-art

  • Specific capacity / capacitance (volumetric & gravimetric)
  • Temperature based performance
  • Rate based performance
  • Mechanical / electrode density
  • Impedance Spectroscopy
  • Gas Generation
  • Long term durability tests


Materials Development

We can use our expertise in carbon activation, electrode fabrication and device assembly to improve your material.  Depending on your goals (drop-in replacement, higher capacity, low temperature stability, longer life) and the results from our initial evaluation, we can point out areas for improvement, and suggest a development / testing plan to get you there in no time.

Scale up

Check out our commercial coating capabilities.  We can do some commercial scale production trials in house (mixing, coating), and we have experience with complete device manufacturing we can draw on to assist you.