Application Design / Simulation

Many times a designer or engineer with energy storage needs knows exactly what they need in terms of available capacity, current, cycle life, operation temperature, etc., but they don't know what solution best fits their needs.  We have the knowledge and the experience to help you select the energy storage solution that's right for you.  This can include:

Application Simulation

Sometimes the best way to tell which energy delivery system is best for you is to test different solutions in the application itself.  This isn't always possible.  We understand you can't build a windmill and wait for a power failure to test your backup system! We have the electronics / mechanical design experience to simulate your application in our lab with multiple different energy storage solutions to help you ensure you've got the best, most cost effective solution before deployment in the field.


We have a lot of experience building numerical models to simulate applications.  We can not only simulate device performance in your application, but also predict lifetime based on real duty cycle data, and estimate cost (both to the customer and the device manufacturer) in order to compare with existing / alternative solutions.

System Design

We can help you combine the energy storage devices into a complete system, including electronics, thermal management, environmental protection, nnd the like.  We can also connect you with assemblers that can help with large scale production.

Device Optimization

Anode / cathode materials, electrode formulation and thickness, substrate properties, and more can and should be fine-tuned to match your custom requirements.  The perfect balance of power, energy, lifetime, temperature performance and form factor  can give your device or end product the competitive or economical edge over your competitors.

We know there is no one-size-fits-all solution for an energy storage system.  That's why understanding what the customer really needs is our top priority.  We will gladly work with you to try to find the best energy storage system for your particular needs, including building it if it's not available.